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Budolph Systemic Team Coaching is rooted in Peter Hawkins’ five foundational principles of systemic team coaching: Clarifying, Commissioning, Co-creating, Connecting, and Core learning.

This approach embodies a collaborative journey that encompasses the entire team, addressing both group dynamics and individual growth. Its overarching objectives include gaining a solid understanding of stakeholders, fostering improved collaboration, nurturing collective leadership, achieving a shared mission, and elevating overall team performance.

The Systemic Coaching Process:

Systemic team coaching centers on understanding and enhancing team dynamics. It delves into systemic challenges and recurring patterns within the team. The primary goal is to enhance communication, foster trust, and promote alignment. This approach provides support to help the team accomplish its strategic goals. It is frequently employed to facilitate lasting team effectiveness and drive organizational transformation

“The 6 lenses of systemic team coaching, used with permission from AoEC.”

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